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Extra Curricular


School sports teams continue to develop as the school grows. Currently, we have teams for Soccer, Netball, Basketball and Touch, all at various year levels.

Arts Academy

The Arts Academy is a Music and Dance School based at City Impact Church on the North Shore of Auckland.  Offering quality dance and music tuition from the age of 3 upwards, in a wide range of dance styles and musical instruments.

Creative Workshops

Creative Workshops provide a place for students to learn life skills and gain creative opportunities.

In Years 1 – 6 there are a variety of workshops that every student will participate in. In Years 7 – 9 students choose from a selection of workshops and complete it over four weeks. All of the workshops are either arts and crafts based or relate to a variety of life skills, including IT; Song Writing, Cooking, Wardrobe, Mechanics etc.

In Year 10 the students become leaders in these workshops and have the opportunity to assist or run their own sessions. This leadership experience is also extended to our Year 11 – 13 students


As a school, music and singing are an integral part of who we are. Right from the Primary years, school mornings begin with Praise and Worship together. Through this, many students find that they have a gifting and passion for singing, and the School Choirs provide another opportunity for students from Years 4 – 10 to express and develop their unique voice.

The Choirs have taken opportunities to perform at retirement villages in the community, as well as school based events.