Parent Testimonials

“As a family, we have been on an incredible journey, especially since immigrating to New Zealand in 2017. In July 2017, we joined the school and the church. From the day both my boys joined the school, we as a family have started to feel at home, and at peace. My boys have both felt accepted and loved. The greatest gift a parent can have is seeing your children happy and challenged. But most importantly, their faith strengthened. There are no perfect schools, just as much as there are no perfect humans! That said, we can certainly take the opportunity to try and place our children into an environment which can only bring out the best for what God has intended for them.”
Parent of a Year 9 and Year 12 Student

“We chose City Impact Church School because we wanted a place where our girls would be taught to filter all they learn and experience through a Biblical worldview – and where they would be getting the same message at school as they are at home and church. It is worth the investment to know that they will be in a faith-filled environment with teachers who are interested in their spiritual growth as well as their academic success.”
Aaron and Cheryl

“Our two children, now in Years 9 and 11, have been attending City Impact Church School since the day it opened. What an amazing journey it has been! With teachers walking alongside us, echoing our own family Christian values, we have seen them develop into strong, faith-filled teenagers. Our son has always wanted to study medicine, and working in the Cambridge curriculum has opened opportunities for him that he otherwise might not have had. At the beginning, we said, ‘How can we afford for our children to attend the school?’ But now we say, ‘We can’t afford for our children not to attend!'”
Jaco and Mari

“I love how my kids are taught by teachers with a calling on their lives. They teach out of a passion for the next generation! I love how the school is an extension of our home and that our kids get taught the same values and truths we believe in as a family.  I love how each child matters and that the children really care for each other (Romans 12:10 – Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other).”
Neil and Christie

“City Impact Church School has fulfilled all our expectations in regards to our daughter’s education. She has not only excelled academically; but is also blossoming into a lovely well rounded young lady, whose abilities and gifting’s are nurtured and matured in a safe loving environment. The school truly is an extension of our home, where our values and faith are shared, with passionate and professional teachers whose love and care for our children is very evident.”
Steve and Carolyn


“Since starting at City Impact Church School, our daughter has come along in leaps and bounds, not just in her academic subjects but also in her character traits.  This is so encouraging to see and gives us peace of mind that where we are sending her five days a week is setting her up for success in whatever she chooses to do – making each day really count!”
Greg and Ange

“Since our two sons started attending City Impact Church School, we have seen phenomenal progress in their academic learning. Just knowing that their teachers have a passion for what they do, a heart for children’s learning and a genuine love for Christ and for kids puts our mind at ease. Our boys have also developed a true love for the Word of God which has built their characters. Having them at City Impact Church School gives me confidence that they are being set up for success with an excellent academic and spiritual foundation.”
Christopher and Belinda

“As parents, we feel so blessed that our daughter is at City Impact Church School with wonderful teachers who have encouraged her to have faith in all circumstances, especially through a number of recent health challenges. She is unwavering, and prays daily for all sick people, imitating the strong example of her teachers, who pray everyday as needs arise.  We so appreciate how the school is teaching the next generation to be mighty men and women of God. Even our younger daughter is walking around our home praying and speaking in tongues all the more since starting school.”
Mike and Stephanie

“Since starting at City Impact Church School, our daughter Sophie has been absolutely emphatic that she can do what Jesus did ‘and more’. She has a firm belief that she has the Holy Spirit in her and that she will do “More than I can even dream of right now”. It is so encouraging to see her with the absolute belief that, with God on her side, all things are possible. We are so grateful to the teachers for all they are sharing with her.”
Roy and Cathy


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