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Geography Trip

     “Beaches and headland exploration for Year 13 Geography students.

Seeing beaches – the ultimate buffer zone and cliffs with Omaha’s beautiful wave cut platform. The students had an opportunity to look at different options in the sustainable management of a coastal area.


Mummies, dinosaurs an volcanoes !

Mummies, dinosaurs and volcanoes!

The Year 7 class went to the Auckland Museum – It was a windy, blustery day but the sun shone through for us to have some time in the Domain as well.
We looked at the Ancient Egypt artefacts and the Mummy to support our current History unit with Teacher Kelly. We even saw mummified animals and make up used by the Ancient Egyptians! Teacher Shân guided us through the Origins of the Earth and the Volcano room to support our learning in Geography. We loved marveling at God’s creation from the dinosaurs through to the layers of the earth! Thanks to parents (and Grandparents!) who came with us – We had an awesome day out!


Autumn Fruits!

We love having fruit trees dotted around our junior school grounds. The apples and feijoas are in season and we are making the most of it!



Last Tuesday the Year 1-3 classes went to the Auckland Zoo. It was a great day to appreciate the beauty and creativity of God as seen in all the different animals He made. Thanks to all the parents who came along to help. It was a fabulous day and such a great way to help support our learning about Creation Week, in Kingdom Building (Years 1-2) and Animal Classification in Science (Year 3


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