About Us

City Impact Church School is the realisation of a long held dream to create a unique school which inspires and equips students to reach their God-given potential. Our vision is to provide high quality education within a Christian environment so that students can achieve academic excellence whilst growing in their faith. Created in God’s image, with unlimited potential, we know our students each carry unique gifts and qualities that, given the right atmosphere, opportunity and encouragement, will enable them to accomplish incredible things and bring great fulfilment to their lives.

City Impact Church School Building School20

City Impact Church School offers a full primary and secondary school with excellent facilities and resources, and an emphasis on academic excellence. This is complemented by a strong Arts and Sports programme.

At City Impact Church School we are a support to families as they train their children in God’s ways, alongside the local church. Partnering together we are able to prepare them to be successful in all spheres of life.


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