Wedding Bliss for Former Student

Last weekend was incredibly exciting as we witnessed the wedding of Stefan Grobler to the love of his life, Ellie Batchelor. Stefan is like a son of the School; he was one of our foundational students in 2005 and subsequently became one of our first graduates at the end of 2014. During the ten years he was at school, Stefan formed very close bonds and friendships with some of his teachers and especially with Principal Darrell. It was therefore a joy and an honour for several teachers to attend his wedding and more so, for Principal Darrell who was one of Stefan’s groomsmen. Alongside Stefan were also his long term friends and co-students, Jordan Parratt and Andrew Massey who shared the Best Man role. And, last but certainly not least, was beautiful Ina-Mari, Stefan’s sister and also a foundational student, who was one of the bridesmaids. Talk about legacy!



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