Stationery Lists

Please find below the stationery list for our Year 7 – 13 students.

Stationery List Years 7 – 13
3 x A4 Ring binders with dividers (Years 9 – 13) ensure these are robust for longevity
4 x Refill (Years 9 – 13)�
1 x Reflection Journal, A4 or A5 (Years 7 – 13)�
1 x FX82 Calculator (Years 7 – 11)
1 x Full Circle (small) Protractor (Years 7 – 11)
1 x Compass (Years 7-11)
4 x blue pen
2 x red pen�
2 x black pen
1 x HB pencil�
1 x eraser�
1 x sharpener�
1 x small packet of coloured pencils
2 x glue sticks
1 x 30cm ruler
1 x scissors

This all needs to be able to fit into a pencil case and be brought to school on a daily basis. Students of this age are expected to be self-governing in this area and replenish their supplies when necessary. Parental support in this area to ensure that equipment stays up- to-date is most appreciated. Any other stationery items are optional.

Students are allocated lockers to store their school bags, shoes and belongings each day. Just a reminder that parents need to purchase their child’s own school bag, lunchbox and drink bottle. While there are no stipulations regarding the style and colour of these items, parents are encouraged to be discerning about the motif designs available and whether they are appropriate or not.

Stationery requirements for Specialist Subjects
AS & A2 Mathematics�
Year 12 and 13 students taking AS and A2 Mathematics will be required to purchase a specific calculator through the school at a cost of $70.

IGCSE, AS & A2 Art & Design�
Year 11 – 13 Art & Design students will be required to purchase an ‘Art Start-up Kit’ for the beginning of their first year of study. This kit should be maintained during the year.

The Art & Design teacher will instruct further items as required by individual students as the year progresses.
The minimum start-up kit is listed below and can be purchased from Gordon Harris Art Supplies (10% discount on the presentation of a student ID).

1 x A1 Folio�1 x A4 20 Pocket Display Book�
1 x A3 Sketch book,
1 x A5 Visual Diary,
1 x A5 Fabriano Drawing book�
1 x Box of Charcoal�
1 x set of student grade Acrylic Paints (at least 5 x 100ml tubes)�
2 x set of hog-hair and soft hair paint brushes�
1 x set of Drawing pens,
1 x set of Graphite pencils,
1 x set of Conte pencils
1 x purple masking tape


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