school garment selection now open

The office is now open for school garment selection, please email or phone on 477 0300 if you are planning on coming in. The office is open from 8:30-5pm for you to bring your son / daughter to size and collect any garments you require to start the year.

Feel free to collect at another time if you don’t need anything before term start. Please allow ample time as this can be a busy period.

Here are a few uniform tips for you.

New Families: If you have any queries regarding footwear then please see the A-Z Parent Booklet you were given at your interview. I am of course available any time to answer your questions. I will help you with your uniform selection when you come in.

Year 0-6 Students:
Information regarding footwear is outlined in our A-Z document which you may also find located on the school website or I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Year 7-10 Students:
All garments except jeans/shorts are now available for collection from the Administration office in the school house. If I could remind Year 7 girls that their colour now changes from pink to red for the cardigan.

Denim 7-10
Please choose denim jeans (and shorts for boys) for your Year 7-10 students under the following guidelines:

Dark Blue only, with plain stitching, no added materials, colours or fabrics.
Garments should not have tears, patches, studs or other accessories.
Mid-rise, well fitted (no low riding or baggy crotch-line).
Slim-fit, skinny/super skinny or straight leg.
No large logos, either stitched or printed.
Your uniform allowance will cover up to $50.00 per pair of jeans and $40.00 per pair of shorts.

If you could please send your original receipt (we regret photocopy or scanned receipts are not able to be processed) to the Administration office along with your account details, we will reimburse you up to the value and under the conditions of your uniform allowance.
Years 11-13 Senior Students
Your uniform will be ready from tomorrow Thursday 19 January and available for collection.
The office is open Monday-Friday 8.30-5.00pm
To help you with them, here a few tips:
These are a DRYCLEAN only garment.
These garments are $170 and are covered by your uniform credit.
These are designed to fit your child for 2 years to help spread the cost across your uniform budget, so we don’t fit them snug.
The sleeves are adjustable! Turn the sleeve inside out and you will notice a pleat.
By removing this pleat seam with a small pair of scissors the sleeve will lengthen.
By re-sewing this seam further up, the sleeve will shorten – please do not turn the sleeve up at the end.
(If you have any difficultly with this please don’t hesitate to contact me).
The blazer is only worn with jeans, not shorts and are required for all formal events.

And remember, if you are happy with the fit – please name them. If not, please contact me for a fitting and return the blazer unworn.



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