02nd of December 09:45am slide show 10:00am start in the Sanctuary.

This year we will have … Pizza for the students, coffee flowing for the adults and cupcakes for all. Please do stay, relax and enjoy the occasion.

STUDENTS – Arrival and departure times
Arrive to school normal time on Friday. It would be good for the students to have a good breakfast as there won’t be much time between arriving at school and being taken up to the sanctuary by their homeroom teacher. That said, they will have the opportunity for a small morning tea prior to heading up, so it would be good to have something packed.

After Prize Giving the students may leave with you just let their homeroom teacher know that you are taking them.

Jeans (the best pair you have) – please no shorts
Black or blue socks – please no other colours and no white
Long or short sleeve shirt

Vest – please remember as we want all our young men looking smart (Yrs 0 – 6)
– please check that this is not too short!

Blazers (Yrs 7 – 13)
Closed in black school shoes – please no sandals or open shoes with their jeans.
Senior High (Years 11 – 13) to be in full uniform, including waistcoat with Blazer

Our young men also need to be clean shaven

Skirt / Pinafore / Jeans – Make it the best that you have
Tights (black, navy or pink) to be worn with boots or shoes – not with sandals please
Long or short sleeve blouse
Blazers (Yrs 7 – 13)
Please no white socks or white tights
Senior High (Years 11 – 13) to be in full uniform, including waistcoat with Blazer
The students looked great for the photos and so hopefully going with the same look will keep things straight forward. The only catch will be that blazers will not be able to be borrowed and girls won’t be able to borrow tights or boys vests, so please make sure they leave home having all in order.



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