Popcorn and Marshmallows!



In the Year 7 Homeroom time, students learned about our character trait ‘Availability’ using marshmallows, popcorn and rice! As the students tried to fit as many of the ingredients into a cup as possible, they soon figured out the best way to do it was to put the big marshmallows in first, followed by the popcorn and then the rice, which filled up every tiny space left. Trying to fill the cup in the reverse order meant we couldn’t fit everything in! The cup represents our life and when we prioritise the important ‘marshmallow’ and ‘popcorn’ things first, we have room to fit in all the fun things we want to do. However when we don’t prioritse, we are left with no time to do what is important which means less time to be available to God and those around us who may need our help. A great lesson and a fun activity! The Homeroom session was ended by eating most of the object lesson – yummy!


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