Our Principal graduates his 40’s!

Yesterday was Principal Darrell’ big 50th birthday!
The whole school got together for a surprise assembly where a slideshow of school memories was shared and even cake for every student and staff member in the school! We had a ‘panel of experts’ made up of students who answered questions about Principal Darrell which provided a lot of laughs and of course, we prayed for him on his special day.
We made sure his office was well-decorated and each teacher helped their classes prepare creative cards and notes for him to enjoy. All this was followed up with a scrummy afternoon tea. In celebrating this milestone birthday of our Principal, we were reminded again of how much he is sold out for this school, the teachers, the students and every family. He said over and over again how much he considers the school just extended family. We are so blessed to have such a genuine, fun and godly principal who really does have a heart to see each student reach their potential! Happy Birthday Principal Darrell!


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