Junior High Uniform

Girls Years 7 - 10

*Short sleeve blouse
*Long sleeve blouse
*Denim skirt
*Denim jeans
*Red cardigan
*Red sports t-shirt
*Red sports skort
*Black sandals (with back strap) or plain black ballet flats
*Black closed-in shoes or boots with black/navy tights with

Note: Girls may choose their own plain, mid to dark jeans from a local retailer. Blazers are also to be worn to assemblies and trips.

From Year 7, girls may also wear clear nail polish and natural looking make-up including, foundation, mascara and lip gloss. False eye-lashes and nails are not part of the school uniform protocol. For all students from Year 7, hair dyeing must be kept within the normal hair colour range.

Jewellery is permitted as long as it is kept simple; a chain or necklace, one bracelet or bangle and a plain ring on each hand. Girls only may also wear up to two earrings in each lobe.

Boys Years 7 - 10

*Short sleeve shirt
*Long sleeve shirt
*Denim shorts
*Denim jeans
*Sports T-shirt
*Sports short

 Note: Boys may choose their own plain, mid to dark  denim jeans or shorts from a local retailer

For footwear; please note the following:
– Shoes, sandals or boots need to be leather or leather-like. This means no canvas.
– Avoid canvas or plastic footwear such as crocs and jellies
– Avoid branding on socks
– Avoid white or colour bands around the edge of the sole of the shoe