EPRO8 Challenge

Just a shout-out to the amazing Year 7 and Year 8 teams who took part in last night’s EPRO8 Challenge. The EPRO8 Challenge is an engineering and problem solving competition. The students competed against 9 other teams to complete as many challenges as they could in 3 hours. The challenges varied in difficulty and therefore the more difficult challenges earned you more points. The problems ranged from building a swing to a Mars Rover.

Our Year 7 team – Oscar, Samuel, Georgie & Gina came 2nd.

Our Year 8 team – Charli, Luci, Christopher & Levi came 3rd. 

They worked so well in their teams, each contributing their ideas and continually putting in their effort for the entire 3 hours the challenge was on for. The Year 7 team, in particular, battled for a long time with their first challenge (building a crane) but they persevered. Also, a shout-out to all the parents who came to support the teams. A huge thank you to Teacher Sophia for providing the time and opportunity to make this happen. This means that both teams continue on to the semi-finals.  


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