Music & Drama


Students develop competences in music as they listen and respond, sing, play instruments, create and improvise, read symbols and notations, record sound and music works, and analyse and appreciate music.  This enables them to develop aural and theoretical skills and to value and understand the expressive qualities of music within a variety of genres.  Fundamental to our teaching of music is developing intuitive and skilful musicians and singers who are passionate worshippers capable of leading others.


Drama is a powerful tool to be used to reach people, touching their lives as they inspire, engage, challenge and provoke their audiences.  Students learn to structure the elements of role, action, and tension and to use dramatic conventions, techniques and technologies to create a variety of scenarios.  Students also analyse and respond to different forms of drama and theatre.  Through performance both individually and collaboratively students work with drama techniques to gain confidence and to communicate effectively using voice, body language, movement and space.  Making the most of our high calibre facilities, children from 5 years old learn to embrace opportunities to perform on stage as well as in front camera.

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