Extra Curricula

Our Christmas Production

City Impact ChurchThis is an exceptional production which includes the whole of the school in the cast or as technical support each year.

Performed in our over 1800 seat auditorium at our North Shore Campus as well as our 800 seater auditorium in Mt Wellington, this production offers our children an incredible opportunity to minister with skill and anointing to the lives of a huge number of people in our community. 

Sports Teams

School sports teams will continue to develop as the school grows. We currently have teams in Hockey, Touch Rugby, Soccer and Indoor Netball at various year levels.

Junior Hockey has been running for five consecutive seasons at City Impact Church School.
This winter we had two girls teams in the winter competition.

Year 3 Girls Team –  coached by Blair Hodder.
The Year 3 girls were a young team playing in the Year 3/4 grade. They did an impressive job in the grading round which ended up with them being placed in a tough A grade!
Met with many tough opponents and seeing more than their fair share of losses, these girls have hung in there, developed character and have now been selected by North Harbour Hockey to receive the ‘Team Effort’ award for their grade at the North Harbour Hockey Association Prizegiving coming up on the 28th September. Well done girls!

Year 5/6 Girls Team – coached by Hamish Muir.
These girls play in the A grade of the six-a-side division. It has been an exciting and successful season with the girls winning 2nd place overall!

Media Training

In 2012 we launched our City Impact Church Media Training School, which is equipping our young people (Year 9+) in media skills – camera, editing, lighting and sound, story-boarding and presenting. Trained by experts in their field, students have the opportunity to become leaders in this influential field of media.

School Grandparents

The concept of having ‘adopted grandparents’ in the school is a fundamental tenet of the school and is a special difference which sets City Impact Church School apart.

Each child is assigned to a ‘school grandparent’ – who is affectionately called their ‘warrior’ (each student thinks they are pretty awesome!).  They are the more mature Christians of City Impact’s church congregation, and become a special part of a student’s life.

The programme itself provides an invaluable opportunity for the students to learn to relate to an older generation, establishing a relationship and a sense of connectedness; handing the ‘baton’ from one generation to another. It provides another example of a Christian life for the students; someone who has a strong, flourishing relationship with God, someone who has been running the race for some time and can be a source of inspiration and wisdom.

Years 0-6 take part in Praise, Worship and prayer with their ‘warrior’, on a fortnightly basis, throughout each term. Each ‘grandparent’ then gets alongside the students in their group from Years 0–4 to build a relationship with them. This is a time when things can be shared, games played, memory verse challenges set up etc. On occasions throughout each term, these ‘grandparents’ remain for lunch with the students from Years 5–6 or 7–10, respectively.

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