Open Day


Creative Workshops

Today we launched Creative Workshops in Years 7-8.
Our lovely Lynne Lynford, who is also a ‘Warrior/Grandparent’ in the school, started the ball rolling with a 6 week Sewing Workshop. The girls started designing their own bag, using beautiful scrapbook material, which will be completed with embellishments. We look forward to seeing these creations unfold. They look uniquely gorgeous already!

Years 0-6 Creative Workshops start next Friday, at the following new time slots:
Years 0-3 (11:30-12:30pm)
Years 4-6 (12:30-1:20pm)

Contact your homeroom teacher if you would like to come offer parent help.


It’s all Greek to me!

Today in Homeroom, the Year 3 and Year 7 classes got together to learn more about the Ancient Greeks through fun and yummy activities! Both classes are learning about the Greek Empire this term so Teacher Kelly and Teacher Sunè decided to make a shared learning experience. Students buddied up and rotated around three different stations. They had fun exploring an online museum using the tablets and, at another station, got to write a message using the Greek alphabet! The most popular station had to be the Greek food one! Olives, feta, tzatziki, grapes and pita bread tickled most taste buds! What a fun morning!




Coach needed


Are you enthusiastic about Basketball,

Do YOU have the skills and abilities to lead a team to victory


Our year 5&6 Basketball team are in need of a coach, if you’re up for it.

Then let the games begin.

If there’s any parent or senior learner that wants to become a coach, please contact our schools sports co-ordinator at




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