Awesome Testimony at Buddy Assembly

At last Friday’s Buddy Assembly, Theo Payn shared an awesome testimony about seeing a need and fulfilling it. He noticed that many people in their area didn’t have the equipment to cut their lawns – some of them were using scissors! So Theo decided to start a lawn mowing business. It seemed like a great idea but he quickly found out that, “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration”. Over the weeks and months that followed all the excitement and fun of earning money wore off and it became plain, old hard work. Two years of commitment followed then the time came for the Payn family to move to a new home; the business needed to be sold. Theo’s diligence was handsomely rewarded when a well-known mowing franchise bought his business for one thousand dollars! “All glory to God,” says Theo.


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